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First, while we are called Healthy COLLEGE Snacks, we actually ship anywhere in the USA, so don't be shy. Everyone can use some healthy snacks in their life! (Friends, relatives, homes, apartments, boarding school, colleges, camps, universities, offices, etc., etc., etc.!) 
Simply put, we ship boxes of various hand-picked and tasty, healthy snacks to students, and elsewhere, as individual care packages or every month of the school year as a subscription.

Students love getting care packages and as a student there is no feeling in the world like opening your mailbox, seeing the slip indicating a package, bringing it home and opening it up.

Parents can feel good about sending healthy snacks because, well, that pretty much speaks for itself. Students don't always have healthier options around when needed and we all know that while junk food has its place, it drains your energy and leaves you unsatisfied. More than 50% of students skip meals because there is nothing quick and convenient to eat. We feel there is no reason a breakfast bar or trail mix on the way to class can't fix that.

We take care to pick foods that are healthier than their alternatives but still tasty. For instance, low-sodium noodles or organic chocolate bars. There is no sense in sending tasteless foods for the sake of healthy. We might as well ship a box full of cardboard for them to eat.

We'd be lying if we told you some grand, altruistic story of how we came up with and started Healthy College Snacks to save the world or because of some virtuous and inspirational words from a friend. It is a much simpler story than that. We have kids and we see them growing up surrounded by all the junk food, fast food, fried food and other unhealthy stuff from so many companies with so much money to get these things in front of them. We see that kids, of any age, will pretty much eat what is at their fingertips. We wanted to change what our kids have at their fingertips and teach them that while these junk foods are ok in moderation, they should be aware of how their bodies react to it and it should be the exception, not the norm. We decided to do more than just try to encourage the regular healthy snacking of our own kids and build a business out of it. We started Healthy College Snacks for these reasons, to help put our own kids through college and because we wanted to create something that they could be proud of and perhaps run someday to help others.

Healthy College Snacks is family owned and operated and our kids even jump in from time to time to help out. We make our own boxes at our own facility and do so with love and care.

Our mission at Healthy College Snacks is to provide tasty and healthy snack options, encourage a healthier lifestyle, support our partners while they support us, and help to alleviate child hunger across the country.

From our families to yours, thanks for checking us out and thanks for shopping at Healthy College Snacks. 

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