College Care Packages

Studying and keeping attetion during exams is tough enough. Send your student healthy snacks as a college care package. We have a great line of healthy snacks called Jack Rabbit Naturals. All of these snacks are great tasting and hand picked oursevles. We work with many colleges and their wellness programs. Care packages don't have to be full of junk any more. Try our build your own college package and select your very own snacks. Eat healthy and study better !


Hand Picked Snacks - Nutritionist Approved- Premium quality snacks for college, home or office.

For Home, Office, Kid Snacks or College Care Packages
Made of all natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or synthetic ingredients.
Sodium content based upon the FDA's sodium specifications for using "Healthy" in labeled packaging.
< 0.5 g of Saturated Fat and < 0.5 g trans fatty acids per healthy labeled serving or RACC*.
< 20 mg of cholesterol and < 2 g Saturated Fat per labeled serving or RACC*.
Our newest line up of healthy snacks.


Butter Toffee Almonds
Almonds, Butter Toffee, Nuts

A superfood with a sweet twist. These little beauties provide essential vitamins. Also protein rich almonds with a sweet and crunchy coating, making them just about irresistible.

Cranberry Trail Mix
Healthy Trail Mix, Cranberry, Mixed Trail Mix

Mouthwatering blend of sweet dried fruits and healthy nuts and seeds. Contents include cranberries, peanuts, almonds, raisins, pineapple, papaya, banana chipsand pepitas

Dark Chocolate Pretzels
Pretzels, Chocolate, Healthy Sweets

A sweet and crunchy blend of two all-time favorites is a tasty snack that will satisfy anyone. These treats are great for the trail, office, care package or at home.

Dried Sweet Mango
Mango Slices, Dried Fruit, Sweet Mango

Mango is a delicious tropical favorite and this is one of the best we’ve found. Not too dry and with just the right amount of sweetness, this mango is naturally sweet and flavorful

Roasted Sunflower Seeds
Nuts, Kernels, Roasted Seeds

Our perfectly roasted and lightly salted sunflower seeds make the perfect high-protein snack. On a salad or eaten by the mouthful as a satisfying and healthy snack.

Wasabi Peanuts
Peanuts, Wasabi, Spicy

No occasion is complete without the zesty crunch and bit of heat from these wasabi coated treats. They provide a great little punch and are a satisfying and healthy snack.

Antioxidant Trail Mix
Antioxidant Snack, Chocolate Pomegranate, Healthy Trail Mix

This blend of antioxidant superfruits and nuts including cranberries, blueberries, almonds, pistachio kernels and succulent dark chocolate pomegranate arils.

Chili Lime Almonds
Almonds, Chili, Nuts

Almonds are one of nature’s superfoods . Healthy oils, nutritious vitamins and minerals, and full of protein. A dusting of salt and chili spices & a twist of lime add a nice flavor.

Dried Sweetened Cranberries
Cranberries, Dried, Sweet

No snack lineup is complete without the tangy sweetness of dried cranberries. These dried fruits are full of healthy antioxidants and a must-have in your pocket.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets
Nuggets, Pretzels, Peanut Butter

The sweet, mouthwatering and creamy richness of peanut butter surrounded by the delicious crunch of fresh pretzels puts this snack at the top of our list of favorites.

Roasted Cashews
Cashews, Roasted, Nuts

Roasted cashews have a great taste and provide a protein energy boost. This crunchy snack is both healthy and satisfying, roasted to perfection and lightly salted.

Chocolate Bannana Chips
Bannana,Chocolate, Dried Fruit

Chocolate and banana make a tasty combination and happen to be a nice little snack. These little guys are packed with potassium and good energy for sports and everyday activities.

Nuts From Around The World
Mixed Nuts, International, Nuts

Gently roasted and lightly salted, it is packed with cashews, almonds, filberts, pecans, Brazils and walnuts to satisfy the traveler and snacker in all of us.

The Power of Care Packages
How a care package made a difference and made a friend.
The Jackrabbit
Do You Want A Cookie ?

I started college at Colgate University as a mid-year student, meaning I started in January, after Christmas break. I remember it pretty well, considering how long ago it seems. I had spent the fall working and had just gotten off a plane from visiting a friend at Arizona State University. I took a shuttle from the airport with all of my gear and enough stuff to last me until my parents showed up with all my stuff. I arrived for my first evening at school at about 8:00pm and had no idea where I was going or how to find the dorm I was living in. Luckily my roommate-to-be happened to be on the same shuttle (such luck!) and showed me the way.

I had been away from home for four years already, having gone to boarding school, so being homesick was not an issue at that point. However, having missed the first week of school (orientation week), where students get to know each other and make some friends, as well as the first 3 months of school, I felt like a bit of an outsider. Having to kind of break into the already established friend groups was a bit unnerving. For the first week or two I pretty much did my own thing, watched, listened, went to classes and learned the ropes. I had met a few kids in my dorm and some others and was starting to figure out who I might get along with, and then it happened.

My parents had sent me a care package several days earlier and told me to keep an eye out for it. I walked into the mailroom, as most students did at least once per day. Some socializing took place (no phones or tablets WAY back then) but the allure of possibly getting a package was too strong not to check. I found my mailbox, turned the dials to set my combination, opened the mailbox and there it was; a tan post card letting me know there was a package waiting for me at the counter! My heart leapt and I could hardly contain my excitement. I strutted proudly over to the counter and handed the attendant my card, my ticket to the goods. She came back around the corner with a giant box, maybe 2’ cubed and my eyes lit up. I signed for the package and headed for my room.

Now, keep in mind that living in a dorm means that there are people around and when you walk into that dorm with a giant box people are going to notice. So I made it to my room with a dozen or so extremely interested and curious looks and a few minutes later I was pawing through the stash to see what the goodies were. After helping myself to a few tasty treats I set out to wander the halls. Shortly thereafter I had made it to the second floor and noticed a guy I had seen a couple times. My manners got the better of me and not even knowing his name I blurted out “I’m Bart, wanna cookie?” There was a quick pause as he looked at me with a bit of ‘that was a strange way to introduce yourself’ on his face, then he said pleasantly, “sure”. I shared my take with him and he introduced himself as Jon. We have been good friends ever since, sharing an apartment the following year and living in our fraternity our junior and senior years.

To this day, while we don’t see each other as much as we would like, when we do we always joke about just a few things, and one is always my “I’m Bart, wanna cookie?” introduction.

Getting a care package in college or boarding school is always an exciting event and really never gets old. Whether an exam care package, back to school care package or a just because care package, it gives students an opportunity to share with friends and even make new ones. Whether students decide to share their spoils or not, it is a sure way to make their day just a little brighter and have a good trove of snacks on hand for the near future.